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Established in 1996 under the direction of Lyn Dahlquist, Ph.D., the pediatric psychology lab at UMBC has conducted numerous research projects in collaboration with hospitals throughout Baltimore and its surrounding suburbs. Current research includes studies regarding the impact of food allergy on the lives of children and their families and the use of virtual reality distraction for acute pain management in children.

The pediatric psychology lab’s team currently includes six graduate students and fourteen undergraduate research assistants. Graduate students and research assistants are involved in numerous lab projects.

This website provides basic information about the pediatric psychology lab, including information about our current, and previous team members, overviews of our current research projects, and listings of the team’s publications and presentations.

Current research is focused on pediatric pain management and management of pediatric chronic illnesses (e.g., food allergy). Opportunities include recruiting and running children through experimental pain protocols, assisting with protocol development and writing, performing literature searches, and cleaning/entering data. Qualified candidates will be undergraduate students with a strong interest in research related to psychology, medicine, and other health fields. Experience working with children preferred but not required. Research assistants may be able to earn course credit at their institution. Full- or part-time schedule negotiable.