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Research Team Alumni

Kenny Gelfand 2001 Internship: AI DuPont Hospital for Children: Postdoc:  Univeristy of Florida Health Sciences Center
Current position:  Director of Outpatient Psychology Services at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital and is Clinically appointed in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine
Bev Pringle 2001 Internship:  Kennedy Krieger Institute, Behavioral Psychology
Current Position: Chief of Global Mental Health Research Program at NIMH
Suzanne Busby 2002 Current Position: Assistant Director of the Developmental Assessment and Intervention Center in Bedford Hills, New York
Adrianna Amari 2005 (ADP)Current position: Training and Research Coordinator for the Pediatric Psychology Consultation Service, Kennedy Krieger Institute and Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Lisa Hilley 2002 Current Position: Director of Mental Health Services at Alternative Family Services in California
Marni Switkin Nagel 2003 Internship: Children’s Hospital of Orange County.
Current Position:  Assistant Director of Training, Children’s Hospital of Orange County
Tanya Diver 2004 Internship:  Boston Children’s Hospital
Current position:  Neuropsychologist, Boston Children’s Hospital, Instructor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School
Kelly Forys 2004 Internship: Uniformed Services
Current Position: Health Psychologist, private practice, Maryland
Kris McKenna 2006 (2006) Internship: Current Position: Pediatric Psychologist, Transplant Unit, Boston Children’s Hospital, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Wendy Sulc 2006 Internship:  Mailmann Center
Current Position: Pediatric Psychologist, Pediatric Oncology, and Neurodevelopmental Assessments at Mailman Center
Lindsay Clendaniel 2008 Internship: Columbus Children’s Hospital
Current Position: Psychologist at Psychology Research Associates
Claire Sonntag 2008 Internship: Columbus Children’s Hospital
Current position:  Pediatric Psychologist, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Karen Weiss 2008 Internship: Children’s Hospital of Orange County
Current Position:  Pediatric Psychologist, Pediatric Pain Service, Mayo Clinic
Emily Kastelic Law 2009 Internship:  UCLA
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Pediatric Psychologist, Dept of Pediatric Anesthesiology, University of Washington Medical School
Linda Jones Herbert 2011 Internship:  Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Current position:  Pediatric Psychologist, Assistant Professor, Children’s National Medical Center
Karen Wohlheiter 2011 Internship: AI duPont Hospital for children
Current position: Pediatric Psychologist Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Soumitri Sil 2011 Internship: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Current position:  Assistant Professor, Dept of Hematology/Oncology, Emory School of Medicine
Amy Hahn 2015 Internship and Postdoc:  Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Caitlin Thompson 2016 Internship and Postdoc: Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital
Jessica Hoehn 2016 Internship and Postdoc:  Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Emily Foxen-Craft 2016 Internship: Children’s Hospital of Michigan; Post Doc: CS Mott Children’s Hospital